About Dr. Williams

Hi there,

I am glad that you are here. In todays world, holding it together can be tough. My job is to walk with you on that journey. I teach people to recognize unhealthy patterns in their thinking and behaviors that have resulted in dysfunctional relationships with themselves and others. I support people to clear out the noise  so that they can feel empowered and energized to thrive.

You’ve made the first step in coming to my page. Change is tough. Therapy allows a safe place for you to voice and problem solve the challenges that arrive with trying to change behavior. Unfortunately, I am not accepting new patients at this time.


My Passions involve mental health and wellness.  After working and volunteering within the mental health field for eight years in various capacities, I decided to dig deeper into human behavior. I pursued my Masters in Social Work and I haven’t looked back.

I Am a student of life. I believe that life has something to teach everyone if we are open to the opportunity to learn and grow.

I Believe in authenticity, intentionality, and self compassion. I believe these three traits help foster growth and meaningful relationships.





7404 Chapel Hill Rd, Suite B
Raleigh, NC 27607

(919) 355-9050

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